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Balancing the environment and development

Project > Mt Barker Site Assessment before house construction

Our consultants were retained to provide an assessment of numerous native and exotic trees prior to the construction of roads as part of a residential development.

Usually, a development is designed before assessment of the landscape, which can create problems and additional costs for developers when unidentified issues come to light.Site construction

What we did

The developer and council requested Environmental Solutions to assess a series of trees in order to evaluate:

  • Species identification
  • Structure and form
  • Health
  • Size girth, width and height
  • Landscape significance
  • Biodiversity benefits
  • Potential woody weeds
  • Impacts of the proposed development on root structures and long-term health of the trees, including soil compaction, proximity to houses and safety.

What we achieved

Our review assessed the potential impact of the development (house, sheds and gardens) on a group of trees, some of which were Significant Trees in an exclusion design. The health of all trees was assessed and a modification to the exclusion zone was proposed. The area to be protected and revegetated was increased as a result of the changed design.

We also provided a replanting schedule of species to reduce the likelihood of future safety issues and maintain the character of the area.

The result was improved efficiency in progress of the development and a thoughtfully planned environment that will benefit residents into the future.

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