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Natural Resources

photo_natresOur locally-based teams know the real issues and challenges and provide practical solutions for sustaining regions, preserving resources and developing opportunities. We cover capacity auditing, training, grants, land/property planning and mediation services.

    Rural Solutions SA has the technical expertise for achieving real on-ground improvements in the management of natural resources. Read more

    Our Natural Resources Services

    • Soil assessment soil survey work; defining soil limitations; mapping of soil types
    • Facilitating change and decision making development of plans and strategies with land managers to adapt to change
    • Monitoring and Evaluation land condition monitoring program; soil acidity monitoring program; analysis, interpretation and reporting on soil and land management issues, soil monitoring for Environment Protection Authority requirements
    • Natural Resource Planning assisting regional NRM planning; land capability assessment; land evaluation and suitability; property management planning; property assessment
    • Project Development and Management development of projects working with partners to meet industry needs; provision of a total project management service; development of collaborative partnerships
    • Research establishment of trials and demonstrations

    Natural Resources Case Studies

    Contact: Brett Bartel